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 Targeted Unit 
 Access to Information
 Pupils obtain and use information from different sources that include 
 longer oral and written texts in more complex language that deal with
 less familiar topics.
 Pupils will become familiar with the genre of online newspapers.
 They will be able to find and post specific information from online
 newspapers that will provide them with a better understanding of the text.
 Pupils will find specific information in  a long text.
 Pupils will decide what  information will provide them with a better
 understanding of a topic.
 Pupils will fill in an on-line chart and post it for viewing.

http://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/text/index.html http://www.heraldtribune.com/INDEX1.HTM
 On-line versions of daily newspapers.
 Sites providing maps and "almanac"-like information 
 on countries all over the world.



Project Description


 Lesson 1 
 The purpose of this preliminary task is to familiarize pupils with the form of 
 headlines and to make sure they are familiar with a map of the world.

1) Teacher brings local newspaper and world map to class
     or asks pupils to open local on-line newspapers.
          URL's for local on-line papers:

2) Pupils scan the headlines picking out countries mentioned. 
    This can be done as a competition - see who picks out
    most countries from news.

3) Pupils are asked to download and print a world map. 
    They must  then locate the countries they found in the news
     and underline or copy thier their names onto map.
     To download a world map, 
     click here   
 Teacher activates 
 and  builds on
 pupils' prior 

Lesson 2
1) Pupils open the appropriate Web pages looking for other
    countries in the headlines.

2) Pupils find countries mentioned in more than one on-line
 Use the language
 as  a means of
 gaining information
 in other  areas.
3) Guided by the checklist on the assessment page, pupils look 
     for facts that will give them more information about the  
     country chosen.
 4) Pupils copy and paste facts into on-line chart.
 5) Pupils post their files on Ktav Net for on-line viewing .

 If you wish to administer the Ktav Net e-magazine yourself,
 please contact the webmaster by e-mail at

 For more information on opening and maintaining a site on the
 Ktav Net help
 Pupils feel 
 challenged within
 the range of their