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Read Newspaper
  Process - Worksheet 1
   1.  I opened the three on-line newspapersGlossary.
 yes   no

   2. I filled inGlossary today's date.
 yes  no 
    3. I copied and pasted headlinesGlossary with the names of
 yes   no       countriesGlossary into Worksheet 1.
    4. I copied the name of one country in each box
 yes   no      below the headline on Worksheet 1. 
    5. I found where these countries are in the world
 yes   no  and clicked them on the menuGlossary.
    6. I checked if I would read this whole article or not.
 yes   no          
    7. I gave a reason why.
 yes   no 
    8. I saved my work to my web portfolio.
 yes   no

Process - Graphics

    1.  I picked a country from Worksheet 1 and
 yes   no        opened a Country ID Card for it.

    2. I replacedGlossary the words (Name of Country) with the
 yes   no       name of the country I choseGlossary.        

   3. I found the flag of the country for the 
 yes   no        Country ID Card..
    4.  I found a map of this country.
  yes   no       
    5.  I copied the flag and the map onto the
 yes   no        Country ID Card. 
    6.  I saved my work to my web portfolio.
.yes   no  

Process - More Information

    1. I opened the Internet sites and found the 
 yes   no       information needed to complete the sentences
                    on the ID Card. 
    2. I saved my work to my web portfolio. 
yes   no      

Process - Personal

  1.  I decided what other information I would like
 yes  no         about this country and asked more questions.
    2. I found the answers to my questions and copied 
 yes  no        them as complete sentences onto the 
                    "PersonalGlossary 1" SectionGlossary of Country ID Card. 

    3. I answered the questions in the "Personal 2"
 yes   no       section of Country ID Card. 

    4. I saved my work to my web portfolio. 
 yes   no

   1. I sent my Country ID Card to the Ktav Net.
 yes   no  


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