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Exploring the United states

The Process

Playing the Game

   Before you begin playing the game, read all the instructions
   on this page.  

  1. Open the Game Board  which is a map of the United 
  2. For this game, the starting state is New York state. 

                        Welcome to New York
  3. Find the star Star and move  it to the starting state
      on the map. 

  4. To find the next state to move to, click on 
       Clue  Card 1 button and read the clues.  

  5. To match the state with the clues,  click on all the
       abbreviated  names of the states bordering New York
       on the map.

  6. Read the information about these states to see which
       state matches the clues.
           If you are not sure of the abbreviations used for the names
           of the states, click on the State Abbreviations
           drop-down menu. 
  7. Move the star to this state.

  8. Enter the name of this state next to the Clue Card Button
      on the Game Board. 

  9. Go back to step 4 and repeatsteps 4 to 6 for all five
      clue cards. 

  10. Click the Destination button to see if you followed
         all the clues correctly and are in the correct state. 
         If you don't finish playing the game, save your clues to
          your web portfolio. 
  11. a) If your answer is correct, try playing another round
            Game Boardor go on to the next page and make
            up your own clues. 

        b) If you are not at the right destination, check all the
            clues again to see where you made your mistake. 
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